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Water Budget Variance Application

  1. Monte Vista Water District customers are allocated a water budget based on their estimated indoor and outdoor water needs. By staying within budget, customers pay a lower rate. Variances are available to help single-family residential customers and dedicated irrigation metered customers who exceed their budget for one of the reasons listed below. To request an adjustment to your water budget, please submit this completed online form along with requested supporting documentation.
    Once a category is selected, you will be prompted for more information based on the category chosen. Applications must be complete with all information and applicable supporting documentation uploaded in order to be processed and approved.
  3. Permanent Variance
  4. Provide photos and/or a sketch of the landscape area (see example on bottom of form).
  5. 1-Year Variance
  6. Please list the names, ages and relationships for all full-time, year-round household residents. The District reserves the right to require documentation or other verification for a full-time resident.
  7. Please submit a copy of a valid license issued by California Department of Social Services.
  8. Please submit documentation (such as a letter from health care provider, medical device receipt, etc.).
  9. Temporary Variances
  10. Provide photos and/or a sketch of the landscape area (see example on bottom of form).
  11. Submit proof of repair such as before/after photos or receipt from plumber.
  12. If application is for first fill of newly built pool (including above ground pools), please submit a photo.
  13. There may be other instances where an increased allocation on a temporary basis may be appropriate. If you believe that is the case, please explain in detail and provide any supporting documentation in the file upload below.
  14. I affirm, under penalty of perjury, that I am the above account holder and the information contained herein, including supporting documentation, is complete and accurate. I further understand that all applications are subject to review and I may be liable for back charges if I provide incorrect information.
  15. Please allow 30 days to process your request. Once approved, an adjustment will be applied to future billing(s) and are not retroactive. Incomplete applications, including applications without supporting documentation, will be returned without review.
  16. Landscape Drawing Example
    Untitled design
    This example illustrates the key information that must be included in your drawing when requesting a temporary or permanent landscape variance. Photos of the landscaped area are welcomed and may be requested.
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