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Request for Public Records

  1. Requests for Public Information

    Administrative Policy D-16 governs the District’s process for providing access to public documents in compliance with the California Public Records Act. Except as specified, copies of the District's public records, which are then existing and identifiable, will be provided to persons requesting such copies upon payment to the District of a fee, payable in cash, check or money order (when staff must make copies of its public records or information produced). Copies of public records will be furnished without charge in the following cases:

    - If copies have been previously made and are available for distribution at the time of request.

    - Copies requested by other public agencies, reproducible on District equipment (or at cost, if reproduced by outside services).

    - Copies of notices of meetings of the Board of Directors and agendas of meetings furnished to the news media and others upon request.

    - Copies directed to be furnished by the Board of Directors, General Manager, department supervisor, District counsel, or other staff member when furnished in the ordinary course of business or operation of District affairs.

    Exempted public records will not be disclosed nor copies furnished.

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