Tap Water Fill Station Program

Schools within MVWD's service area are eligible to apply for the "Water You Drinking" Tap Water Fill Station Program at no cost. This turnkey program will replace existing drinking fountains with a tap water fill station.

About the Program

Through this program, schools may be eligible to have their old, outdated drinking fountain replaced with a bottle filling/drinking fountain unit for teachers and students to enjoy drinking high quality water from the tap! Our goal is to spread awareness about the benefits of tap water and to reduce the use of plastic water bottles. It's also an opportunity to educate students about their tap water, such as where it comes from, about its users and uses, benefits of tap water vs. bottled water, and more. MVWD provides simple classroom activities and lesson plans to help students learn about safe, reliable water that comes from the tap!


All schools in the MVWD service area are eligible to participate in the program. Schools must be able to provide a location for the water bottle filling station that is highly visible and easy to access. The school also agrees to allow a co-branded informational sign to be displayed near the fill station and maintain the fill station/signage for at least five years. 

School children gather around and hold up reusable bottles next to the bottle filling station.

Howard Elementary School students pose nest to the                                                                                       newly installed bottle filling/drinking fountain unit.