Water Supply Shortage Declaration

California is in its fourth year of drought, with the last three being the driest in our state's recorded history. In response, during their November 9, 2022 meeting, Monte Vista Water District’s Board of Directors renewed the Declaration of a Significant Water Supply Shortage, extending last year's declaration for another year. In accordance with District Ordinance 33, the Board's action requires customers to reduce water use by 20% and imposes the following water use restrictions*:

Restricted uses of drinking water

  • Outdoor watering is only allowed on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but not between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. (with exceptions such as hand-watering and drip irrigation)*
  • No excess runoff from outdoor watering
  • No hosing down driveways, sidewalks, buildings, or parking lots 
  • No washing vehicles without a shut-off hose nozzle
  • No using water in fountains or other water features without recirculation
  • No watering during rain and 48 hours following
  • Repair all plumbing and irrigation leaks within seven (7) days of discovery
  • Restaurants only serve water upon request
  • Hotels offer guests option not to launder linens daily
  • Water recycling systems required for conveyor and in-bay car washes, cooling towers, and evaporative cooling systems
  • Businesses and schools are prohibited from irrigating non-functional turf** (i.e. grass that is ornamental and not used for recreational purposes)

Violators are subject to fines up to $200. Enhanced water use restrictions are set to expire November 9, 2023, unless rescinded or amended by the Board of Directors.

On April 26, 2022, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California announced that Southern Californians need to cut back outdoor watering to 1 day per week beginning June 1, 2022. MVWD currently has water use restrictions in place that limit outdoor watering to 3 days per week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) and prohibits daytime watering. MVWD customers are urged to significantly cut back outdoor watering, if possible to one day per week, while hand watering trees to maintain the natural urban canopy. We must do our part to conserve now or risk further restrictions on water use.  MVWD is not enforcing 1 day per week watering restrictions at this time, but customers are encouraged to do so where possible. Should MVWD’s Board of Directors take action to implement greater restrictions, customers will be notified directly as well as through general public communication.

**Commercial and business customers may request an exemption from the irrigation ban on non-functional turf by completing an online waiver form.

MVWD recognizes and appreciates our customers’ excellent conservation efforts, but we need to cut back water use even more. The time is now.

What can you do to help conserve water?

Hand-watering your landscape is the most efficient way to water your landscape. But there are steps you can take to improve your sprinkler systems efficiency as well:

  • Install weather-based sprinkler timers and program them according to our recommended watering schedule.
  • Identify leaks and repair them within seven (7) days of discovery.
  • Retrofit your old sprinkler nozzles with new, efficient ones.
  • Upgrade your old water-using appliances to new, efficient ones by taking advantage of local rebates.

MVWD has a variety of rebates and programs to help customers use water wisely. Visit the Programs & Rebates page for more details.

Free water conservation kits are available while supplies last (limit one per household). Kits include: (1) hose nozzle with automatic shutoff, (2) dye tablets to detect toilet leaks, (1) EPA Watersense™ labeled showerhead, (1) aerator for kitchen faucet, and (1) aerator for bathroom faucet. Click here to request a water conservation kit for your home.