Finance & Administration

The Finance & Administration Division is responsible for overseeing daily operation of Community Affairs, Customer Service, Executive Office, Finance, and Human Resources & Risk. Specific job responsibilities associated with these areas include such items as billing, meter reading, payroll, risk management, banking, investments, accounting, budgeting, annual audit, bond financing and the reliability of the District’s computer network platform. The overall goal of the Division is to provide accurate and timely information reporting as well as excellent customer service to both our internal and external customers.

  1. Community Affairs
  2. Customer Service
  3. Finance
  4. Human Resources & Risk

The Community Affairs Department is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing communication, public information, legislative, community involvement, media relations, conservation and education programming. The goal of these programs is to "tell the Monte Vista Water District story" through a variety of methods and formats to customers, students, stakeholders and the general public.

In addition to administering District-sponsored programs, community affairs staff participate in regional program collaborations with other local water agencies and cities.

Water Conservation Programs and Resources

  •       Water Use Efficiency "Best Practices"
  •       Residential Rebates
  •       Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Rebates
  •       Free Landscape Irrigation Evaluations

Water Education Programs and Resources

  •       Annual "Water is Life" Art Poster Contest
  •       School Class Presentations (water conservation, water industry careers)
  •       National Theatre for Children
  •       Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) workshops