Forms & Applications

Request for Public Records

Administrative Policy D-16 governs the District’s process for providing access to public documents in compliance with the California Public Records Act.

Request for Public Records Forms (PDF)

Auto-Pay Agreement & Application

The Auto-Pay program is available to District customers who would prefer to pay their water utility account through an automatic debit to a checking or savings account or through an automatic credit to a Visa or MasterCard account. Customers may enroll in the program by submitting a signed and completed Auto-Pay Application to the District office.

Auto-Pay Agreement and Application (PDF)

Monte Vista Water District Job Application

Please visit the Application page for instructions on how to apply for a job at Monte Vista Water District.

Hydrant Meter Agreement & Application

A mobile hydrant meter requires a signed application as well as a deposit .

Hydrant Meter Agreement and Application (PDF)

Application for Water Budget Variance

Use this form to apply for a variance to the District’s budget-based tiered rate structure for individually metered residential customers. Customers may apply for a variance under one or more of the following categories:

  • Child/Adult/Elder Care Facility
  • Establishment of New or Rehabilitated Landscaping
  • Irrigated Landscape Area
  • Leaks
  • Livestock and Large Animals
  • Medical Needs
  • Number of People per Household
  • Pool Refilling

Application for Water Budget Variance (PDF)

Sample Water Bill

A sample of the District’s water bill design. Access a breakdown of the water bill.

Sample Water Bill (PDF)

Lifeline Assistance Program (LAP) Application

The Lifeline Assistance Program (LAP) provides eligible low-income customers with assistance on their water utility bill by providing up to 9 units of water per billing cycle at no cost.  

Lifeline Assistance Program Application (English)

Lifeline Assistance Program Application (Espanol)