About Us

Services Provided

Monte Vista Water District (MVWD), a county water district formed in 1927, provides retail and wholesale water supply services to a population of over 135,000 within a 30-square mile area, including the communities of Montclair, Chino Hills, portions of Chino and the unincorporated area lying between the cities of Pomona, Chino Hills, Chino and Ontario.

Organizational Structure

A five-member Board of Directors, who is elected to overlapping four-year terms, governs the District. The Board of Directors is responsible to set strategic direction and policy for the District. A General Manager is appointed by the Board of Directors and oversees the day-to-day management of the District. The District’s organizational structure includes two divisions under the General Manager’s oversight: Engineering, Operations & Maintenance and Finance & Administration. There are 40 full-time District employees dedicated to providing outstanding service and ensuring a safe, reliable water supply to retail and wholesale customers.   

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