Backflow / Cross-Connection Prevention Program

Double Check Detector AssemblyCross Connection Control Program

The District's Cross Connection Control Program is mandated by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), under Title 17 of the California Administrative Code of Regulation. It is an extensive effort to protect the public water system from potential sources of contamination that may exist within customers' plumbing systems and equipment on site.

Backflow Compliance Testing

A list of approved Commercial Backflow Testers can be found on San Bernardino County's website, on their Environmental Health Services Department page. Since the County maintains and updates this list, please visit their website directly for the most current list.

Effective February 1, 2021, the District will be using the SAMS Backflow Compliance Management Software. Testers and testing companies will be asked to use the SAMS tester portal to submit test reports, tester certifications, company insurance information and city licenses.Screenshot of login page for SAMS tester reporting portal.

For a first time user, please follow these steps to register with the portal:

1. Click here to access the SAMS portal

2. Click on Registration Form

3. Enter your information and click submit

4. An administrator will then approve your registration and you will receive your login credentials via email

Inspections & Reports

This program and its records are inspected by the California Department of Public Health on an annual basis. Incidental reports are required to be submitted as well.