Capital Improvement Projects

Facilities Master Plan

In 2008, Monte Vista Water District began implementation of a comprehensive plan that was developed to update water production, storage and distribution infrastructure. With some of the District’s facilities more than 70 years old, there is a great need for rehabilitation or replacement.

The Facilities Master Plan outlines various capital improvement projects to be completed over a 30-year time frame at a cost of approximately $100 million. A comprehensive financial master plan has been developed to provide funding mechanisms for on-going implementation of the plan and to define on-going service rates.


The improvements to the water production and water distribution systems are resulting in:

  • Increased efficiency of operations
  • Reduction of long term costs
  • Central Avenue Part B Pipeline ProjectImprovement of water quality and water reliability
  • Ability to meet regulatory requirements

Identified Projects

In 2022, MVWD added granular-activated carbon (GAC) and ion exchange technology to the water treatment process at Plant 30, located on San Bernardino St. in Montclair, to meet stricter regulations recently implemented by the State Water Resources Control Board’s Division of Drinking Water (DDW). The project included 12 GAC vessels, each approximately 10’ in diameter and 18’ tall, as well as four slightly larger ion exchange vessels.  As water passes through these vessels, additional constituents are filtered out to improve the quality of water delivered to our customers. Click here for more information about the Plant 30 Wellhead Treatment Project.