Rate Schedule

Rates Effective January 1, 2022

  1. Budget-Based Tiered Rates
  2. Commodity Rates
  3. Readiness-to-Serve Rates
  4. Pass-Through Charges

Residential Defined Variables

VariableSet Amount
Number of people per household4
Daily indoor water use per person52.5 gallons
Estimated percentage of open space on lot that is irrigated (i.e., not hardscape)70%
Water per year needed for outdoor irrigation38 inches per square foot

Residential Tier Formula

Residential TierFormula Used
14 persons x 52.5 gallons x 30.4 days ÷ 748 gallons
2(Lot size - single story foot print x 30%) x  38 x 0.623 ÷ 748 gallons
350% of Tier 1 plus 50% of Tier 2
4All usage above Tier 3

Irrigation Defined Variables

VariableSet Amount
Water per year needed for outdoor irrigation45 inches per square foot

Irrigation Tier Formula

Irrigation TierFormula Used
145 x 0.623 ÷ 748 gallons
2All usage above Irrigation Tier 1

Residential Tier 2/Irrigation Tier 1 Seasonal Allocation

Billing Period
Percent of Tier 2 Allocation
January through February
March through April
May through June
July through August
September through October
November through December