Past Due Balance & Disputed Bills

Past Due Balance

Past Due Reminders are a courtesy notice mailed from our office when payment has not been received by the due date indicated on the regular bill. Past due amounts should be paid immediately to avoid an interruption of service.

To Request an Extension, please contact the Customer Service Department at 909-624-0035. A $5 fee and new due date will be applied to your account.

A final Shutoff Notice will be mailed to customers with a delinquent balance indicating an imminent shutoff if payment is not received by the date indicated in the notice. A $15 late fee is applied to accounts that have an outstanding balance beyond the Past Due Notice due date. 

Disputed Bills

Any questions concerning your bill should be directed to our Customer Service Staff. If they can not satisfactorily respond to your inquiry, you may document your dispute and send a copy to the Manager of Finance and Administration.

Service Shut-off for Non-Payment