How to Read Your Water Bill

The following display explains how to read your water bill and offers a detailed explanations of each section.

New 2020 MVWD Bill Display (2)

CaptureA: Your Total Amount Due is listed on the stub. Please detach it, enter the amount enclosed and return it with your remittance in the envelope provided.

CaptureB: The Bill Detail for residential customers shows your water budget. Each customer’s water budget is different, based on estimates of household size and landscaped area.

C: The Readiness-to-Serve (RTS) Charge, based on the meter size, covers a portion of the fixed costs of operating the District.

D: The Commodity Charge, based on the amount of water used, is per unit (748 gallons) and tiered for single-family residential customers.

E: Pass Through Charges are passed directly from other agencies to the customer.


F: The Water Budget vs. Actual Use graph shows your water use history and how your water use fits in the tiered rate system. Notice how you are allocated more water in the summer months. If your graph ventures into Tiers 3 and 4, you are using more water than your budget and should take additional water conservation measures.

Sample of MVWD customer bill with letter references to be further explained in page text.G. This section states when a Past Due Notice will be mailed if payment has not been received by date specified here.