Strategic Plan

In 2019, the District initiated an update to its strategic plan, engaging Management Partners to facilitate the process. Management Partners met with stakeholders and surveyed community members and staff; facilitated a strategic planning workshop with the Board and management team; drafted the strategic plan document; and facilitated an Implementation Action Plan workshop with the management team.

On October 14, 2020, the Board adopted its 2025 Strategic Plan. The Board’s adoption of the plan established direction for staff to plan and identify activities that would achieve the District’s strategic goals. 

Previously, the Board of Directors, District's management team and staff performed a strategic planning process in 2009. At that time, a series of workshops led board members and staff to develop the District's mission, vision, values and strategic goals. The 2025 Strategic Plan made slight changes to the vision and values statements, but affirmed the strategic goals. The workshops held in 2020 identified new initiatives to achieve these goals over the next five years.

Strategic Goals

  • Goal 1: Continually strive to provide high quality customer service
  • Goal 2: Improve quality and reliability of water supply through local development and regional collaboration
  • Goal 3: Maintain and upgrade the District's infrastructure and facilities
  • Goal 4: Engage customers through programs, education and community involvement
  • Goal 5: Maintain responsible stewardship of District funds to address future needs
  • Goal 6: Recruit and develop qualified personnel to increase productivity and enhance employee retention and morale
  • Goal 7: Promote sustainability and resiliency through efficient planning, operations, facility management and environmental compliance