Rebates &  Programs

If you are looking for ways to save water inside or outside your home, Monte Vista Water District has the tools to help you. Consider one of MVWD’s No Cost Programs to help upgrade your existing sprinkler system to use water more efficiently. Or review the list of rebates offered through SoCal WaterSmart that will help you get money back after purchasing a more water efficient appliance.

Not sure which program or rebate is best for you? Call us at 909-267-2130 and we can assist you.

No Cost Programs

The District has no cost programs to help customers use their existing sprinkler system efficiently. Customers can upgrade their sprinkler system with high efficiency devices that will use water more efficiently. Interested in one of the programs listed below? Submit an online request or call us at 909-267-2130. 

Sprinkler Nozzle Program

Nozzles are the top part of the sprinkler where the water is released. These can wear out or get clogged over time and need to be replaced. This program will upgrade your worn out, water wasting sprinkler nozzles and replace them with water efficient nozzles. Both residential and business customers are eligible for this program, which includes:

  • Evaluation of sprinkler system
  • High efficiency nozzle upgrades
  • Minor repairs to sprinklers (raising sprinkler bodies or replacing broken sprinklers)
  • Only systems with pop-up style sprinklers are eligible, not rotor sprinklersScreen Shot 2020-03-31 at 13.45.02

Smart Timer Program

Did you know over-watering isn’t only bad for your water bill, but also for plant health? New "smart" timers can help by using local weather conditions and plant type to water the right amount. This program provides the installation of a "smart" timer by an irrigation professional. 

To qualify for this program: Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 14.01.12

  • Must have irrigated area of 500 -10,500 square feet
  • Must be replacing a non-weather-based irrigation controller
  • Must have an existing automatic sprinkler system with controller connected
  • Must be a residential customer (business customers are not eligible)
  • Please have ready the brand and model number of your current timer when calling
  • Must watch a video and answer a short quiz to participate

Large Timer Program

Watering efficiently is especially important on large properties. Old sprinkler nozzles can become worn out and knowing how much to water is not easy. This program will replace the old nozzles from your sprinklers with new ones and install a "smart" timer to help you water the right amount.

To qualify for this program:

  • Must have ¼ to 2 acres of landscaped area
  • Must be replacing a non-weather-based irrigation controller
  • Must have an existing automatic irrigation system with controller connected
  • Must be a residential customer (business customers are not eligible)

Tune-Up Program

Water can be wasted through leaks, breaks, and inefficiencies in your sprinkler system. This program provides sprinkler system maintenance and repairs that include:

  • Controller reprogramming (adjusting watering schedule)
  • Valve repair or replacement
  • Basic electrical rewiring and new grease caps on wires
  • Sprinkler repairs, raising, replacing and/or adjusting
  • Minor repairs to drip irrigation and/or leaking irrigation line

Landscape Evaluation and Audit Program (LEAP)

Need help knowing what is going on in your landscape? This program offers evaluations of outdoor irrigation systems for residential* and business customers that include:

  • Watering schedule and water budget customized to each property based on plant material, soil type, irrigation type, and local weather patterns
  • Personalized recommendation for sprinkler system repair and improved plant health

    To schedule an appointment, call the Waterwise Community Center at 909-626-2711.

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this program is currently available for commercial customers only.

Pressure Regulator Valve (PRV) Program

Not only can high water pressure cause damage to your pipes and fixtures, it can lead to leaks and water waste. Customers with high water pressure may be eligible to have a pressure regulator valve installed. 

  • Contractor will install PRV unit at your home
  • Low pressure increases the life of water using devices
  • Must have an indoor pressure of greater than 80 pounds per inch (PSI)

Other Programs

Flume Home Leak Detection

Leaks can damage our homes and our pockets. Using a leak detection device is one way to help. Flume can detect water use and leaks in real time and send a message to your smartphone.

Landscape Design Assistance Program

Ready to ditch your lawn for a drought tolerant landscape? This program offers professional design assistance to convert that thirsty lawn into a beautiful low water use garden.

  • Excellent resource for those applying for the turf removal rebate
  • Face-to-face appointment with landscape designer
  • Custom design for your yard, based on your needs and likes
  • Workshop attendance and fully refundable deposit of $100 required

    To schedule an evaluation, call the Waterwise Community Center at 909-626-2711.
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MVWD partners with SoCal WaterSmart to offer you rebates for water efficient appliances to make water saving changes in your home.

Turf Removal Rebate Program 

Did you know that landscapes can account for up to 60% of our water consumption? Switching to drought tolerant plants can help you save water and create a beautiful space for you and your family. 

Right now you can get up to $3.50 per square foot of landscape you convert. Click here for more information.


Indoor & Outdoor Device Rebates

MVWD customers may be eligible to receive device rebates on the following products. Click the link to see how much of a rebate you are eligible for.

High Efficiency Clothes Washers

Premium High Efficiency Toilets
MVWD customers may receive an additional rebate amount for toilets.
High Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzles

Weather Based Irrigation Controllers

Soil Moisture Sensor Systems

Rain Barrels 


More Rebates?

The District also recommends that customers take advantage of rebate and incentive opportunities from Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas Company.