Rebates & Programs

Through a collaboration between the Metropolitan Water District and the Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Monte Vista Water District Customers are automatically eligible to receive rebates on water efficient devices, as well as the very popular Turf Removal Program!

Turf Removal Rebate Program 

Ditch your grass. Claim your rebate! MVWD customers can receive rebates for removing their turf!

Indoor & Outdoor Device Rebates

MVWD customers may be eligible to receive device rebates on the following products and more:

More Rebates?

The District also recommends that customers take advantage of rebate and incentive opportunities from Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas Company.

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Free Water-Saving Programs

Monte Vista Water District can help you upgrade your irrigation system with high efficiency devices that can help you use water more efficiently, which in turn help you save money. Interested in one of our programs listed below, submit an online request to sign-up or call us at 909-267-2130.

Sprinkler Nozzles Program

The program starts with a free detailed evaluation of the existing irrigation system. Then, a contractor will retrofit the sprinklers with free high efficiency nozzles. Customers must have an existing irrigation system to be eligible for this program.  

Small Controller Upgrade Program

Residential customers can replace their existing sprinkler timer with a new Weather-Based Smart Irrigation Controller.  A contractor will conduct a landscape water use evaluation before installing the upgraded controller.  To be eligible for a controller retrofit, customers must have an existing irrigation system with sprinkler timer, property must be less than a 1/4 acre and the customer must attend a workshop to learn more about the controller, including programming, scheduling, etc. 

Residential Landscape Survey & Retrofit Program 

Customers with a properties larger than a 1/4 acre are eligible for a sprinkler timer upgrade as well as a sprinkler nozzle retrofit.  The process begins with a landscape water use evaluation by a certified before the new devices are installed. To be eligible, customers must have an existing irrigation system with sprinkler timer.

Landscape Irrigation Tune-Up Program

Customers with an existing irrigation system may be eligible for assistance in maximizing its efficiency.  A certified contractor will evaluate the existing irrigation system, noting any repairs needed or areas where efficiency can be improved.  Services provided include: controller programming/scheduling, replacement of broken sprinkler nozzles or heads (within reason), valve repair or replacement when leaking or not working properly, valve rewiring, minor repairs to leaking irrigation lines, and flushing of drip systems.  

Pressure Regulator Valve (PRV) Program

Customers with high water pressure may be eligible to have a pressure regulator valve installed. A contractor will inspect and repair or replace existing PRV units to help customers save water and increase the life of water using devices. To be eligible, customers must have an indoor water pressure greater than 80 pounds per square inch (PSI) and must keep their PRV in place for two years. 

Landscape Design Assistance Program

The Chino Basin Water Conservation District provides residential water efficient landscape designs for all customers in our service area! The CBWCD staff consult and work with customers to provide a high-quality rendering of their projects. The Landscape Design Assistance Program can be very beneficial if customers are planning on applying for the Turf Removal Program!  To participate, customers are required to attend a workshop hosted by CBWCD and submit a fully refundable deposit of $100. The deposit will be refunded when the landscape project is completed within six months from receiving the design. For more information and the complete list of requirements visit