1, 2, 3-Trichloropropane (TCP)

California adopted a new water quality standard for 1,2,3-Trichloropropane (TCP), a manmade chemical historically used by the agricultural industry as a soil fumigant.

Upon receiving notification of the newly proposed water quality standard, MVWD adjusted operations to ensure compliance with the standard prior to it going into effect. MVWD also began planning financial options for building new treatment plants to ensure compliance with the new water quality standard during periods of reduced imported water supply availability.

In June 2020, MVWD was awarded a $3.4 million grant from the Department of Water Resources that will partially fund a treatment project necessary to meet stricter water quality regulations. The grant provides approximately 25% of the cost for the Plant 30 Wellhead Treatment Project, which is slated to begin this summer.

MVWD participated in a lengthy, highly competitive application process before the State’s $51 million regional allocation was decided upon. The funding is made possible by Proposition 1, the $7.5 billion water bond approved by California voters in 2014.

MVWD’s Plant 30 Wellhead Treatment Project will add new and existing technology to the water treatment process in order to meet stricter regulations. The project includes installation of several large tanks that will filter out contaminants and improve the quality of water delivered to our customers.

Water quality is our number one priority at MVWD, and we take pride in providing the highest quality water service at the best value for our customers. We encourage you to learn more about the quality of our water supply by reviewing MVWD’s most recent Annual Water Quality Report.


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